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As it always happens (at least to me) with Jam games, my entry for Virtual Pet Jam Youjotchi was rushed. I had to cut out some features, the control system was really messy and there were a few bugs. So I decided to fix all (or at least most) of these problems with this version 2.

Here's the list of changes:

  • modified the control scheme
  • added visible meters for 'fullness' and 'tiredness' stats. Now it will be easier to understand when your daughter needs food or when she is sleepy.
  • added a shop where you can buy head ornaments. The player earns money every day, so the more you play the more stuff you can buy.
  • a bunch of minor fixes and under-the-hood improvements

The game is still far from perfect, and there are still a couple of features I wanted to add (like toys to buy, snacks and medicine to give her to restore her stats quickly, etc) but I think I've spent more than enough time on this project, and now it's time to move on to something else.

With that said, I hope you'll enjoy this version of the game. If you still run into bugs or other issues, do let me know.

Install instructions

unzip and open the youjitchi.exe file


Youjotchi v2.zip 21 MB


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Please continue this project its super cute!

I would love to see more from this project!


Yay the shop as been added! Great update! I'm enjoying it!