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This is my entry for Virtual Pet Jam. I worked on this game for a little less than 3 days so don't expect anything exceptional (or good) (or decent) (or functional).. Still, this was a fun experience. I had previously worked on a Ludum Dare game but that time I wasn't alone, so this time I had to go full speed the entire time.

Enough blogging: in this game you have to take care of your new daughter. Through a series of (a whole THREE!) mini games, you can raise (or decrease) her stats. If you make mistakes in the mini games, her happiness level will go down. If it reaches zero, the game will end and you'll have to start again with a new daughter (who surprisingly looks exactly like the last one! because I didn't have time to implement the hair color randomization)

You may find the controls bad (you probably will, they're pretty shit) but you should be able to change them in the dialog window that appears when you launch the game. Hopefully you can find a control scheme that works better for you. Unfortunately the button labels on the UI won't change (I don't know how to do that yet).

Aaaanyway, the game should work, but I haven't really playetested a lot so I'm sure there are a lot of broken features and bugs. One that I know of that I may fix before the deadline if I can, is in the math mini game. There's a timer to complete each operation but it doesn't work (it used to but there I changed some thing around... you know how it goes) so even if time runs out nothing will happen until you complete the operation.

As I said in the beginning, having only 72 hours to work means I had to massively reduce the scope of the game and I had to remove some features. One that I'm really sad didn't make it is the shop, where you can buy head ornaments and toys for your daughter to play with. It didn't have high priority on my to do list but I really wanted to have it.  If I ever make a v2 update, this feature will surely be in.

I said above that the game might be buggy and broken, so please if you run into any kind of problem, leave a comment. I may be able to fix it quickly. Thank you and enjoy the game.

Update: I will fix the controls and the math minigame (and a couple of minor things) as soon as I wake up tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Update2: Turns out I can't update the game until the voting for the Jam is over. Makes sense. I'll upload the new version as soon as possible.

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cute! just wish there was more to do


Cute game! Adorable! I was wondering does the Sleep work? It seems like she never want's to sleep. Great fun game, I enjoyed it quite a lot. Hope you don't mind I made a let's play! :3


Thank you so much for doing this. I'm glad you enjoyed the game, and your video showed me a lot of things I need to fix. The Sleep part, yeah... I admit I didn't have time to test it much. In theory she will agree if she's tired (after doing the other activities) AND it's evening or night.

I will probably make a v2 of the game that fixes these things and some more stuff in the next couple of days.

Again, thanks for playing and for the video.

Good luck! I look foward to the update! :)