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In this very simple game you are a bear who has only two hours to gather food (in this case honeypots and fish) before winter starts. You only start racking up points when your "survival" bar is full. After you've fulfilled this requirement you can go back to your cave and win. If your time is up and you don't make it back, it doesn't matter how many points you have; it will be game over.

The controls are as follows:

Arrow keys or WASD for moving

Space for grabbing honey pots

F for claw attack

With the claw attack you can catch fish that jump out of the river to get a lot of points or destroy rock walls that stand in your way. Using the claw attack uses up a bit of your stamina, which also corresponds to your points, so don't use it meaninglessly or you'll find yourself with no points and not time to get more.

Install instructions

Unzip the files inside a folder and open the .exe file. That's it!


Two Hours To Winter.zip 9 MB

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