A downloadable philosophical quandry for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You stumble upon a shocking spectacle: a train running at full speed on the rails, its brakes not working.  Not far ahead, a number of people tied down on the tracks.

You notice a switch lever close by so you run up to it to avert the tragedy, but you notice that on the side track there is one single person lying down shackled by ropes and unable to move.

Now that you've witnessed this scene, you cannot run away from the responsibility. Whatever you choose to do now, whether you decide to pull the lever or not, whether you stay and act or run away in cowardice, if somebody dies it will be because of your choice. In life not everything has a happy end, some sacrifices must be made.

Can you bear the burden?

The goal of the game is to, in each level, let the train go by with the least victims.

  • Arrows/WASD/Left stick: Move
  • E/F/Enter/Space/LMB/A button: Operate the lever

Install instructions

Unzip and play. Only widows tested!


No brakes - Windows.zip 27 MB
No brakes - Freedom.zip 32 MB
No brakes - OSX.rar 28 MB


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Nice take on that psychological dilemma. Really enjoyed what I played (without spoiling, thougth the end was clever as well). Great job! Look forward to your future work!