This is a very early stage of a small multiplayer game, that I called Cross Square. It's based on a paper & pencil game I used to play years ago. 

The rules are simple: shoot lines starting from one of the corners of the playing field (the ones colored blue). The lines will bounce off other corners and stop at walls. The goal of the game is to create the most squares using your own lines, the opponent's lines and the grid's walls.

The game is still heavily WIP and while the gameplay loop works, it's still very barebones. You might run into bugs, which I would like you to report here, as I haven't been able to reproduce them (namely, some times squares will not be marked during your own turn but during the next player's, but they won't be counted for either one's score). 

Eventually, I'd like to turn this into an online multiplayer game where you can be matched with random people around the world, but for now you can only play with (2) other people on the same machine.

For now, I hope you'll enjoy this game even just for a couple of minutes.

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Published 11 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, HTML5

Install instructions

unzip the archive and open the executable!


Cross (10 MB)

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