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EDIT2: fixed another couple of things thanks to the feedback I received. Mainly, switched the keys for claw and sails, added foam particles to the ship so the direction it's going in is clearer, made it so to rotate the camera you need to hold down the mouse button.

EDIT: fixed a couple of things thanks to the feedback I received.

This is my entry for /agdg/'s Comfy Jam!

In this game, you play as a pirate who sails the sea helping people looking for various things buried underwater.

The main (and only) game loop consists in:

>explore the sea

>find an NPC who will ask you to look for something

>retrieve it and bring it back to them

There are no game overs or an ending, so you can play as long as you want.

To retrieve the treasures, you'll have to play a simple minigame. If you fail, the treasure will be lost forever. But don't worry, if you come back to the same NPC after completing another quest, you'll be given another chance.

It's a very small game but I hope you'll be able to have some fun and comfy time with it.

By the way, I'll be uploading the models I made for this game since some anon asked for them. Just wait a couple of days.


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The character art is great! Too bad it's so slow. Also I wish I could have figured out how to talk to the lady on the elevated part of that island next to the first dude.


Had A great time in this game :) I also figured out you could rotate the camera after the video was done so ignore that xD