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This is our entry for the Ludum Dare 42 Jam, following the theme "Running out of space"

You landed on an unknown planet after your spaceship suffered some major damage. The planet is inhabited by ferocious beasts! And to make things worse, there's no oxygen in the air! 

All hope is not lost, however. The cargo you were carrying contained spare parts for your spaceship, so if you can find them you can repair your ship and get back home! The lack of oxygen won't be a problem either! Well, kind of. The round plants you can see scattered around can produce oxygen. 

But don't let your guard down, as the 'safe space' that they create when you activate will shrink before disappearing completely, and you'll be left gasping for air again! And that's not all: the beasts that populate the planet hate the smell of oxygen and will attack the plants, accelerating their decay. With your trusty handgun and the oxygen-powered jetpack on your back, fend off the monsters and defend the plants as you fight for your survival.
Will you be able to go back home?


- Movement: WASD
- Interact: F
- Shoot: Mouse 1 
- Dodge: Mouse 2
- Aim: Mouse

Team - Find us on twitter

- @barondev - Programming Extraordinaire
- @squaredev - Master of the Visual Arts
- @mobiusdisco - Music and SFX

Install instructions

Unzip the archive and open the exe file.


BreathingRoom 40 MB

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