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You should update your game page here instead of creating a new instance. Most searches show v.0.6.7 first.

The itch notifies when a new version is up, etc... I suggest you clear the other version and put a link to this one


Great Game.

Nice job.  Having some fun with it!

Great concept!  The Linux download needs to have the file be executable.  Here's the command if anyone else is trying the Linux ver:

'chmod +x Blocky\ Dungeon\ 0.75LINUX.x64'


Just found this via your tweet, I really love the style, great little game and a brilliant idea :-D 

Thanks for your hard work, can't wait for the full release and to se where it this goes.

We just discussed your game on our podcast! Come check us out!

Episode 38: Tetris-likes


Fun game, I'm seeing the promise!  The fourth quest talks about making x 0 kill combo, I think it means 3?  Finding kill combos very hard to set up, maybe consider allowing overkills (hitting for 2 on a foe with 1 left) to count.


I am not sure what a "kill combo" is. . . I got a x3 multiplier. . . but it didn't count for the quest. Maybe the typo created a bug where that quest is incompletable as a x0 multiplier is impossible. . . if that's what a "kill combo" even is anyways.

If so, I hope this gets fixed.


The x0 in the UI is a typo yeah, sorry. A kill combo is when you kill multiple enemies before the next block is placed on the map. I'll test the build myself, but unfortunately I don't have the source code for the old demo anymore (unless I saved it somewhere, I'm not sure), but rest assured it will be fixed in the final game! Very sorry again for the inconvenience and thanks for playing the game.


Yeah, I can't get passed that, even if I perform the 3 kill combo. Is there a roundabout?

Yes, Same here


I can't get the download to play on an intel or M1 Mac. It says I do not have permission. Right clicking and selecting open is not working.

Like azukitchen said, the "Open 2 Treasure Chests" quest in level 5 is broken, and that bums me out because I want more. Very addictive, I love it!  I'll be keeping an eye on this.

Hi.I'm happy to play this game.Thanks to make it.When I played, it happened a problem.I played floor5 on Quest Mode.The Objective of the floor is "Collect 50 gold" and "Open 2 treasure chests".I achieved "Collect 50 gold" easily,but "Open 2 treasure chests" was never end.On the screen,right space of "Open 2 treasure chests"  is blank ever.Then, I played the stage 1 hour.Maybe, it is bug.Please check it.Bless you.


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Congratulations, great game! I'm still learning the ropes but the game is already very fun and presents interesting decisions, I think the UI could use some work, as playing both roles can be a little bit confusing at times. Looking forward to the next updates!

Good idea, could be a promising game