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01/23 update: 

  • fixed an issue that make the 5th Quest unbeatable
  • added experimental level select screen. Now you can choose which quest to take on within the same set. Once you have completed enough quests, you'll gain access to the next set.
  • added a bestiary in the main menu. You can take a look at all the enemies in the game (and a sneak peek at the not-yet-implemented ones!) and check out their stats and behavior.
  • added some new enemies: the Imp, the Golem, the Bishop and the Bomb Spider.
  • made some balance adjustments
  • added some new quest objectives

This is the latest version of Blocky Dungeon, a game where you build the dungeon and explore it at the same time!

The core premise hasn't changed much from past releases, but there are still some major changes. These are all experimental, and I would really like to know what you think of the direction the game is taking.

Here's a list of the biggest gameplay changes:

- previously when a complete line was formed, it would get cleared automatically, destroying whatever was on it (knight included). In this new version, lines don't get cleared instantly. Instead, the knight has to walk on the line, press a button [Ctrl or LB] to 'activate' it, and walk off. Only then the line will clear.

- enemies no longer move every time the knight moves. Now they only move after a Tetris piece has been placed on the board.

- to make combat more engaging, I added several systems to it:

  • if you kill an enemy by dealing exactly the same amount of damage as their HP, you can start an Attack Power combo. This combo can be started by activating full lines as well.
  • When the combo is active, the knight gets an attack bonus equal to the combo level. 
  • For example, defeating a 1HP enemy by dealing 1 damage starts a combo. At this point the knight will have an attack power of 2, and if he can defeat a 2HP enemy in the same turn, his attack power will go up to 3, and so on.
  • By planning your moves, you can keep your combo up and defeating stronger enemies in one hit.
  • The combo will be reset once the next Tetris piece gets placed or when the knight fails to execute a 'perfect kill' as described above.
  • Additionally, killing multiple enemies before a new Tetris piece gets placed gives a bonus on the EXP points acquired with each kill.
  • As the game goes on, the 'Dungeon Level' will increase. When this happens, enemies will also level up, and they will spawn with more HP.

Aside from this, I've made countless balance changes to enemy and item spawns, a graphics overhaul of the dungeon background and HUD along with several bug and glitch fixes and general tweaks overall. I'm sure I haven't fixed them all, so if you run into any weird behavior (and of course if the game breaks or freezes/crashes) be sure to report it so I can find out the cause and fix it in the future!

Before you play, be sure to check out the controls in the main menu (they're in the pause menu too!) and choose the control scheme that you like best.

I plan to add a tutorial to ease players into the game's various rules and mechanics soon, so sorry if some things take some time to figure out right now.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(10 total ratings)
TagsDungeon Crawler, Roguelike, Roguelite, Tetris


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Runs well on Linux with an 8bitdo gamepad.

Customizable controls are going to be very necessary for tetris-players.

Coming from Tetris, UP is hard drop, R is to swap the hold-piece, and any face button turns the piece.  Trying to play this game with all those controls scrambled around makes for an unenjoyable experience.

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You should update your game page here instead of creating a new instance. Most searches show v.0.6.7 first.

The itch notifies when a new version is up, etc... I suggest you clear the other version and put a link to this one


Great Game.

Nice job.  Having some fun with it!

Great concept!  The Linux download needs to have the file be executable.  Here's the command if anyone else is trying the Linux ver:

'chmod +x Blocky\ Dungeon\ 0.75LINUX.x64'


Just found this via your tweet, I really love the style, great little game and a brilliant idea :-D 

Thanks for your hard work, can't wait for the full release and to se where it this goes.

We just discussed your game on our podcast! Come check us out!

Episode 38: Tetris-likes



Fun game, I'm seeing the promise!  The fourth quest talks about making x 0 kill combo, I think it means 3?  Finding kill combos very hard to set up, maybe consider allowing overkills (hitting for 2 on a foe with 1 left) to count.


I am not sure what a "kill combo" is. . . I got a x3 multiplier. . . but it didn't count for the quest. Maybe the typo created a bug where that quest is incompletable as a x0 multiplier is impossible. . . if that's what a "kill combo" even is anyways.

If so, I hope this gets fixed.


The x0 in the UI is a typo yeah, sorry. A kill combo is when you kill multiple enemies before the next block is placed on the map. I'll test the build myself, but unfortunately I don't have the source code for the old demo anymore (unless I saved it somewhere, I'm not sure), but rest assured it will be fixed in the final game! Very sorry again for the inconvenience and thanks for playing the game.


Yeah, I can't get passed that, even if I perform the 3 kill combo. Is there a roundabout?

Yes, Same here


I can't get the download to play on an intel or M1 Mac. It says I do not have permission. Right clicking and selecting open is not working.

Like azukitchen said, the "Open 2 Treasure Chests" quest in level 5 is broken, and that bums me out because I want more. Very addictive, I love it!  I'll be keeping an eye on this.

Hi.I'm happy to play this game.Thanks to make it.When I played, it happened a problem.I played floor5 on Quest Mode.The Objective of the floor is "Collect 50 gold" and "Open 2 treasure chests".I achieved "Collect 50 gold" easily,but "Open 2 treasure chests" was never end.On the screen,right space of "Open 2 treasure chests"  is blank ever.Then, I played the stage 1 hour.Maybe, it is bug.Please check it.Bless you.


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Congratulations, great game! I'm still learning the ropes but the game is already very fun and presents interesting decisions, I think the UI could use some work, as playing both roles can be a little bit confusing at times. Looking forward to the next updates!

Good idea, could be a promising game